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Job Oursourcing

Are you being held back by high project cost, frequent staff changes in project teams, or having hard time finding highly specialized professional resource when seeking software solutions. Need to change specifications while augmenting your company’s Time-To-Market (TTM)? Are your software development costs higher than they should be. 

OrionTECH offers a combination of consulting, outsourcing, offshore and specialist services across all types of quality management, testing and certification activity. ​Whether you need outsourced IT, technical support services, IT outsourcing, IT consulting services, small business server consulting, network consulting, computer security consultants, and information technology consulting services and virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) service, we are the solution. 

Services offered include: 

+ Quality Assurance Testing
+ Data Warehousing/ BI Solutions
+ SAP BIW and Application Consulting
+ Bussiness Analytics
+ Infrastructure Management
+ Bussiness Process Outsourcing (BPO)
+ Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)/Webservices

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